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Dezhou Pacific Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. is a high technology company complex focusing on design, research, manufacture and marketing. Its major products are after finishing treatment machinery for knitted &dyeing fabric.

For many years, the company keeps adhere honesty, professional, creative as its management philosophy. With the character of its high efficiency, low energy consumption and intelligent design, DEZHOU PACIFIC is now the new and reliable brand of textile finishing among the world. 

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Relax Dryer

We are experts in producing the dryer, for example TPYH2400 Five (Seven) Pass Open Width Dryer, Tumbler Relax Dryer, TPYH2800(3200)Five (Seven) Pass Dryer, etc. They are used for tubular, open width fabric of the drying, pre-shrinking and loose arrangement. After using our dryer, the fabric feels softer and has a lower shrinkage rate.

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We are experts in producing the compactor, for example TPYB2400 Open Width Compactor, TPYD2400 Open Width Calender & Compactor Combined Finishing Machine, TPYB1400 Tubular Compactor, TPYN1400 Vertical Compactor, etc. They are used for preshrinking and setting of tubular and open width fabric, to achieve the lowest shrinkage rate. Soft fabric touch and fleshed.

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Setting Machine

We are experts in producing the Stenter Machine, for example TPYL2600 Stenter Machine, TPYD1400 Spandex Cylinder Heat Setting Machine, TPYD3200(2800、3600) Heat Setting Machine, etc. They are used for the silk, cotton, wool, hemp, chemical fiber, spandex and blended fabric of the impregnated auxiliary agent, tentering, drying and setting treatment. After treatment, get a flat and reliable result.

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Expanding Machine

We are experts in producing the Expander, for example TPYC1500 Over-feed Expanding Machine, TPYS1300J Wet Expander Machine, etc. They are used for the overfeed expanding and calendaring machine for tubular knitting of pure cotton and mixed cotton or applied to the expanding and pre-shrinking of the circular knit of cotton or mixture under the wet. 

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Textile Machines

We are experts in producing the textile machines, for example TPYFB4000 Air Turning Machine, TPYR1400 ⅡSoft Calender, Multipurpose Washing Machine, etc. These machines have the characteristics of high production efficiency, without any damage.

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